We think we can hostel!

My name is Teo. My lovely wife, Emily, and I got married right at the end of 2014 and set off to explore Latin America, starting with Argentina (not counting our brief honeymoon in Puerto Rico).

Our trip this year will take us from Patagonia to the Amazon, and from Incan Ruins to Caribbean Beaches.

But this blog is not about our marriage. And it’s not about our trip. It’s a research project that aims to discover what it takes to build and sustain a successful hostel. As we go from place to place we will note, and share here, the things that we think can make a hostel bad and also what can make it bad ass!

We’ll ask you the same question we’re asking ourselves, “So you think you can hostel?”

We think we can. At least we think we can one day in the future. And we hope the experiences and ideas we share here will be helpful not only to us, but to others who have similar aspirations.